Arista closes its London office

I have some news that I’ve been keeping quiet about to protect all the parties involved, but I think it’s sufficiently old news now that I can finally talk about it.

Arista Networks, who up until recently were my employer, have decided that they no longer want to have a dev group in London. This is a problem, because London is where I live and I can’t realistically move to any of the other Arista offices. Therefore I and all the other engineers in London have been terminated by way of redundancy.

I understand the harsh realities of operating a business, and I respect that Arista have to make difficult operational decisions. Never the less, I am disappointed in the way this has been handled. In my view, Arista followed the letter rather than the spirit of English redundancy law. More disappointingly to me, I believe they fell short of the high ethical standards they set for themselves, which had been one of the major reasons I was proud to work there.

I won’t be discussing this any further, as I think it’s best for all concerned if we move on from this. I started a new job yesterday, and right now all my former colleagues either have new jobs or have multiple job offers to choose from. I wish them all the best, and I’m very sorry to no longer be working with them.

I will, however, be publishing some articles talking about my personal experiences of being made redundant and searching for a new job. These articles have been written as I went through the process, but I held them back from publishing until I was able to talk candidly without harming anyone. I should emphasise that these are merely my personal experiences, and aren’t intended to criticise anyone or to further a particular cause.

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