Book review: How to Become a Better Negotiator

41bhZSSBpnL._SL160_How to Become a Better Negotiator is a very light and straightforward read, at just 112 pages. I was able to read the entire book in an evening, although I skipped some of the exercises.

It’s a well-structured book and gets to the heart of the matter well, making good use of the space available. It’s not one of those business books where you suspect the author was paid by the word.

The authors rightly focus on a basis of good communication skills before getting into the details of negotiation techniques. There are a few simple self-assessment exercises of the “Mostly C’s” type, which aren’t especially original but do give good insight in a short space of time, particularly if you haven’t done much introspection about your communication style.

Once the book gets into the specifics of negotiation techniques, most of the focus is on negotiating large business deals rather than the smaller one-off situations (such as salary negotiations) that everyone comes across. Though this doesn’t make too much practical difference, I couldn’t help but think that the people who would benefit most from such a light read would be people who don’t negotiate for a living.

All in all this is a good solution if you want a quick blast to improve your skills without investing too much time. If you want to dig deeper this is probably a bit light and offers little that you won’t find again elsewhere.

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