A departure

I’ve never been that keen on blogging about personal matters, since it seems like the wrong medium to me: my friends will find out what’s going on in my life when I talk to them, and people who don’t know me have no reason to care. Never the less, I’m undergoing a change in personal circumstances that will partially alter the goal and scope of this blog, so it seems appropriate to report it here.

As of a month from now, I’ll be moving to Zambia where I will be living and working for at least three months. I’ll be working in a technical role for a local ISP. On the surface my job description may not be all that different, but I expect the culture and business environment to be a radical departure from the UK.

The main difference to this blog is that I intend to post more about the experiences of preparing for and living abroad, in the hope that some of this will be of interest to others. People who were expecting a blog on technical topics (something I never stuck to particularly well) may be inconvenienced by this. I had thought about starting a separate blog, but for such a short-term period it hardly seems worth it.

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