A polar bear walks into a bar…

…and says to the barman, “I’ll have a gin ……. and tonic please.” The barman asks, “Why the big pause?” “I’m afraid I have a minor speech impediment”, retorts the polar bear, “and I feel it’s a bit insensitive of you to draw attention to it.”

In my case, the big pause in posts has gone on for two months now. In fact, I’ve been busy with another project, which ironically is a time management tool. I don’t intend to let this blog lapse entirely, but right at the moment I’d rather do one side-project well than two badly.

If you’re interested, please head on over to TaskMaster and let me know what you think, either here or at the feedback forum. It’s at an early stage, and is at least a week or two away from being ready for ordinary users (there’s very little documentation at the moment, so it’s probably not obvious how to use it). I’ll update here and on the TaskMaster blog when there’s some significant progress.

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