Paying for Apple gear

As usual, John Gruber seems to be willfully missing the point:

Warren Buckleitner, “reviewing” for the NYT a slew of crummy tablets as gifts for kids:

My young testers, ages 3 to 12, kept reaching for the iPad first for good reason. They could find the apps they wanted, and the entire experience was familiar. But who wants to pay $300 for the iPod Touch 5, $329 for an iPad Mini or $400 for the lowest-priced iPad 2?

Uh, your young testers?

Obviously, the verb in the sentence Gruber is referring to is not “use” or “like”, but “pay”. I’m pretty sure that the under-12 year olds aren’t going to be paying for those iPads, or if they are it will be out of an allowance funded by the generosity of their parents.

This sort of thing gets me quite angry. It’s all very well to say that Apple products are worth the price premium for yourself. Making decisions with your own money is your prerogative. But there seems to be a tendency for Apple fans to ignore the possibility that other people, many of whom are less affluent than most Apple users, might prioritise value for money differently than they do.

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