Redundancy diary: Waiting by the phone

This is part of a series of articles talking about my experience of being made redundant from Arista. I am writing these articles as the events happened, though out of respect to my former employer I held off publishing them for several months. The hope is that writing about this will give some encouragement to other people who find themselves in the same position.

I’ve done a whole bunch of applications. I’ve spoken to my recruiter, who has put me forward for a bunch more. Not much I can do but wait by the phone.

And it’s annoying. An entire day has passed and I haven’t heard from anyone. Two companies have already said that they want to interview me, and will get back to me to arrange a date, but nothing today. Which brings me to what I believe is a universal law of applying for jobs: As an applicant, it always seems a whole bunch more urgent than it does as an employer. This goes double when you don’t have an existing job to rely on.

I’m not wasting my time, of course. I’ve been drilling myself on data structure basics, and trying to write C++ longhand and still make it compile. I’ve been reading through Exceptional C++ and even nailed a couple of the questions first time. But right now all this seems pointless, preparing for an interview that may never happen.

So I’ve decided not to play the game of waiting by the phone. I’ve got many side-projects that I’d love to do more with, including this blog. I’ve got an unexpected windfall of free time, and I may as well do something that will have a lasting impact beyond the next few weeks of interviews.

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