I’ve made a new web site

For once, one of my side projects has been released to the public in a usable state. It’s a simple service that provides anonymous cloud bookmarks that you can access from any device, using only a passphrase.

I mainly came up with this as a way to try out using some Amazon web services, most notably DynamoDB. I’m pretty happy with the scalability story for DynamoDB, at least in simple cases like this where the model is a good fit for what I’m doing. The site seems pretty quick (I haven’t done any load testing yet), and the non-scalable Django portion of it is quite small. For moderate loads, it should just be a matter of cranking up the provisioned capacity in AWS. For larger loads, I could easily split across a couple of nodes and do some trivial load-balancing, because the only application state is in the DB.

I still don’t think I would be able to figure out how to do any more advanced modelling of data using DynamoDB. I’m used to thinking of data in terms of relationships between facts, and DynamoDB doesn’t make that easy at all.

As it stands, I’m suspending work on this project to do something else. I actually end up using it for myself, as something like a substitute for Delicious or Mozilla’s cloud bookmark service. There’s a lot more features I could put in to it, but I’m only going to put more work into it if people seem interested in using it. Contact me with any thoughts.

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