Now with added HTTPS!

Man, this blog is old, isn’t it? I’ve been through a couple of phases of maintaining this blog and abandoning it, but even the most recent spurt of activity was sufficiently far in the past that HTTPS was still regarded as expensive and a bit of a hassle, not really worth the effort for read-only sites. Obviously that’s changed in the last 7 years.

The good news is that in the modern world (or even the world of 5 years ago) HTTPS is pretty trivial, and that I’ve finally got round to doing the work. This doesn’t constitute a guarantee that I’m going to add anything to this site, but you never know.

The reason this site has been dormant for so long is that I’ve not really decided what its focus is. I’ve got another much more focused blog talking about Python, which is my most serious technical writing project. Professionally I’m mostly slinging Typescript these days, which is fun but doesn’t give rise to quite the amount of nerd minutiae that C++ does. I’ve long ago decided that if I want to touch on politics that should be a separate site. I’m working in a small company again, which means I have less to say about organising teams than I might have.

Most likely I might hope to start adding a few odds and ends on this site that don’t fit anywhere else, and see where that takes me.

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